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Delicate Root Potting Mix

Delicate Root Potting Mix

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Our Delicate Root Potting Mix (a.k.a. Plant Granola) is one gallon of everyday potting mix specially formulated for your houseplants that have delicate roots to provide the perfect balance of aeration, hydration, and access to nutrition. 

100% organic, our Delicate Root Potting Mix contains coconut chips and perlite to let roots breathe, coconut coir peat to retain water without suffocating roots, and horticultural charcoal to hold nutrients for your plants to access as needed.

Delicate Root Potting Mix is perfect for plants like ferns, peace lilies, begonias, and African violets that need a little more water retention but still require excellent aeration to prevent root rot.

If you are looking to repot your tropical houseplants, epiphytes, anthuriums, and other plants with more rope-like roots, use our Ropey Root Potting Mix - formulated with even more chunks to let those roots breathe and grow.


100% organic medium coconut chips, fine coconut coir peat, perlite, and activated biochar


Houseplants with delicate roots like ferns, peace lilies, begonias, and African violets.


Repot houseplants as usual with this delicate root potting mix, taking care to be gentle with delicate roots

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
It works!
Nice mix

No contamination as I can see so far. Mix is clean and free of mold or anything that's yucky. However I thought the price was bit on the high end for the amount you get. It's not alot and I repot alot of plants. Not sure if this is something I wil continue using due to price.

April M. Steenburgh
Works for me

Using this for houseplants that I had just potted up. Good mix of materials. Allows for drainage and root formation. Stays moist without being soggy. Pleased.

My plant needs more this

It came with little moisture and also keep my plant moisture. I guess my plant love it!

Kia Couture
My plants are happy with it so far

I used this to repost a few tropical plants, mainly my bird of paradise and my monsteras. I just emptied it in with my regular potting soil and potted my plants as usual, it definitely helps with draining faster so my plants aren't sitting in was for a long time with it sinks to the bottom during waterings. The bag is rather small so if I were using this to repot a plant on its own with nothing but whats in the bag I could probably get away with a 6-8 inch pot for one plant so if you're doing multiple plants or a 10" pot I would order 3 or 4 bags of this just to be on the safe size but as a mix in it's golden. Normally my plants get a little moody with repotting before springing up back to normal but my plants are loving the new mix in and my bird of paradise is working on a new leaf so I'm really pleased with the results.

plants seem to be great in it!

interesting mix - I repotted one of my houseplants that was starting to look droopy and so far it is doing great in this soil. It definitely seems like a specialized soil with a lot of nutrients. I plan to mix it with other soil and see how that does for adding extra nutrients to my other plants. I think it will work well for my succulents mixed with more rocky soil since they of course prefer well-draining soils.