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Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste

Probably! Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste is a powerful formula that works on many different plants including soft vegetation, woody vegetation and everything in between.

To have the best chance of success apply to a node of a healthy mother plant and wait several weeks for results.

Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste works on many, many, plants and we have written many blog tutorials on using Cloning Paste on different houseplants. That said, we haven't covered all possible plants!

The easiest way to know if it'll work on a plant is to experiment on it yourself! Simply apply to a node and wait a couple weeks. Nodes are find at the base of leaves. They typically look like a bump.

If you can't find the node google "X plant node" for images. Or just try applying to the base of the leaf and wait and see!

Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste is a powerful blend of plant hormones, vitamins and minerals to trick your plant into putting out additional vegetation and protect the baby clone while it grows.