Southside Plants Blog

  • Ferns for every level

    A selection of indoor ferns for every level of gardening expertise. With about 10, 560 known species, beginners and experts alike have plenty to choose from. 
  • Why some plants like to be root-bound

    Re-potting is a perennial gardening chore. As plants grow, their roots extend to suck up more moisture and nutrients from the soil.
  • Hoya care

    Hoya is a genus of plants native to Australasia, Asia, and the Pacific. It boasts a staggering 200-300 species. 
  • Temperamental houseplants: The divas of the houseplant world

    Some plants are stoic and undemanding, taking over your living space without so much as a glance in their direction. If you want to step up your gardening game with challenging houseplant species, this list is for you.
  • Houseplant Instagrams to follow now

    So many plant accounts, so little time. Here are our favorites that every indoor gardener should follow. 
  • What happens when you overfertilize your plants with Phosphorous

    Phosphorus toxicity in houseplants tends to affect houseplants that produce flowers. 
  • What happens when you overfertilize your plants with Potassium

    Potassium toxicity in plants is rare because the uptake of potassium ions from the is regulated well by plants.
  • Keiki-fy your Green Ti Plant

    This three-step tutorial shows how to boost Green Ti plant/Umbrella Tree Plant growth (Cordyline fruticosa Glauca) using Keiki Paste.
  • Spruce up your Dwarf Umbrella Tree with Keiki Paste

    The Dwarf Umbrella Tree is native to Taiwan.  With its sprightly bursts of foliage, the umbrella plant will bring cheer into any home.
  • What Happens When a Plant Gets too Much Nitrogen?

    Of all the plant nutrients, your plant needs nitrogen in the greatest amounts. It is required for vital life functions. As with anything, however, you can have too much of a good thing. Excess nitrogen will kill your plant. 
  • The K in NPK - Potassium: What Does It Do for Plants?

    Potassium is one of the three plant macronutrients used for cell metabolism and making protein for the plant. Potassium helps regulate the opening and closing of stomatas and help the plant to grow young leaves, reproductive organs and fruits and tubers.
  • The Giant Guide to Soilless Potting Options

    Table of Contents What is a soilless potting mixture? Why switch to soilless mediums?  Do soilless substrates contain plant nutrients?   Which ...