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  • Spruce up your Dwarf Umbrella Tree with Keiki Paste

    The Dwarf Umbrella Tree is native to Taiwan.  With its sprightly bursts of foliage, the umbrella plant will bring cheer into any home.
  • What Happens When a Plant Gets too Much Nitrogen?

    Of all the plant nutrients, your plant needs nitrogen in the greatest amounts. It is required for vital life functions. As with anything, however, you can have too much of a good thing. Excess nitrogen will kill your plant. 
  • The K in NPK - Potassium: What Does It Do for Plants?

    Potassium is one of the three plant macronutrients used for cell metabolism and making protein for the plant. Potassium helps regulate the opening and closing of stomatas and help the plant to grow young leaves, reproductive organs and fruits and tubers.
  • The Giant Guide to Soilless Potting Options

    Table of Contents What is a soilless potting mixture? Why switch to soilless mediums?  Do soilless substrates contain plant nutrients?   Which ...
  • What does phosphorus do for plants? The P in NPK

    Phosphorus is one of the three plant macronutrients that are essential to plant life. 
  • What are plant hormones?

    Plant hormones are natural chemicals present in tiny amounts inside plants.
  • Nitrogen: what it does for plants? The N in NPK

    The N in NPK stands for Nitrogen the most important macronutrient for plants.
  • Succulent Strings: Keiki Paste for String of Buttons

    This three-step tutorial shows how to boost growth in String of Buttons (Crassula perforata) using Keiki Paste. Keiki paste contains plant hormon...
  • Houseplant Books we Have on Our Bookshelf - Updated for 2021

    8 of our favorite houseplant books to come out in the last few years.
  • Three ways to train your climbing houseplant

    Climbing or vining houseplants have pliable stems that can be trained into shape for a sculptural effect. Learn how to support them with homemade moss poles, or utilize hoops and fishing line.
  • Why are there spots on my houseplant's leaves?

    Spots on your houseplant’s leaves are a common sign that indicates something is wrong with your plant.
  • The ultimate guide to charcoal for your plants, your grill, and more

    Horticultural Charcoal, Biochar, Activated Charcoal and Grilling charcoal all have applications for home life however some types of charcoal are dangerous to use with plants or garden applications.