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Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray - 8 oz

Air Plant Fertilizing Spray

Our Tillandsia Fertilizer formula is super gentle for your tillandsia, and Epiphytes, in addition to any other houseplant that could use a little spritz. Our formula features 16-9-25 NPK and is gentle enough to spray directly on plants. Our spray is easy to use because no mixing or measuring is required.

Fine Mist Sprayer

The dark blue bottle hydrates your plants with a fine mist spray and looks good doing it. We like to give our air plants a quick soak and then top them off with a spritz before putting them back to dry. A lot of our customers spray their plants daily with this fertilizer and don't bother with soaking.

Increase Flowering

Did you know Air Plants can flower? They have outrageously colorful blooms, however, many of our customers have never experienced these flowers in person until they added this fertilizer to their routine.

Terrarium Plants

We also recommend using this spray on your terrarium plants and bromeliads. If you have lots of Air Plants you might find yourself going through Air Plant fertilizer faster than expected! Additionally, we provide several concentrated options that you can use to refill your bottle and carry on spritzing.


Our 1 oz concentrated fertilizer can be used to refill your 8 oz sprayerwhenever you run out. Add a couple of droppers, top with water and you are ready to go.
If you prefer to soak your plants first or are going through gallons of fertilizer check our 4 oz concentrate. Add a couple of tablespoons to a gallon of water and use to refill your mister, soak your plants or fertilize other plants with light appetites.

Love your Air Plant Fertilizing Spray?

Pair with:
  • 1 oz Air Plant Refill
  • 4 oz Concentrated Air Plant Fertilizer