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Trail Mix Chunky Soil for Tropical Houseplants - Organic Mix 1 Gallon

Plant Trail Mix is an ideal soil for tropical houseplants. Super chunky coconut husk, perlite, and charcoal provide a supportive but airy base allowing plant roots to grow strong and grab all the nutrients they need while allowing water to drain and prevent root rot. Soil is 100% organic and hydrated. Note: Hydrated Coconut husk can build up a musk that dissipates quickly once opened and allowed to air out. Not for Human Consumption.



Southside plants trail mix chunky soil contains 100% organic ingredients, light-weight soil, well-draining. Provide optimum growth for succulent & cacti varieties or other plants. The soil features well breathability, well-draining can be good to prevent rhizome rot. Perfectly for most plants.


The soil is a pre-mixed or ready-to-use product. Can be used for indoor or outdoor plants, design your garden or indoor flowerpot convenient and fast. You just transplant the desired plants into the soil and water when the soil is completely dry.
FEATURE: The soil feature has good perviousness. Rhizome breathability, well-draining. Utmost effectively prevents the rhizome rot and reduces stagnant water. It is lightweight compares with the traditional soil.


High-Quality Multi-Purpose Potting Soil Made Fresh every day. That Encourages Houseplant Growth. Provides Fantastic Drainage While Absorbing Ideal Amounts of Water. Great for All Indoor Houseplants.


Let's face it, we are all crazy about our house plant collections! Re-potting is a very important task to ensure your little green babies thrive and live to their fullest potential. This special all-natural blend will ensure everything goes just right.