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Ropey Root Potting Mix

Ropey Root Potting Mix

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Our Ropey Root Potting Mix (a.k.a. Plant Trail Mix) is an ideal potting mixture for tropical houseplants like monsteras, pothos, birds of paradise, and fiddle leaf figs and epiphytes like anthurium and aroids. This substrate retains water like a non-leaky sponge, giving these plants the perfect chunky environment to grow their ropey roots.

One gallon of super chunky coconut husk, perlite, and charcoal provides a supportive but airy base, allowing plant roots to grow strong and grab all the nutrients they need while allowing water to drain and preventing root rot. 

If you're looking to repot thirsty plants with more delicate roots, like your begonias, ferns, or African violets, try our Delicate Root Potting Mix.


100% organic, super chunky coconut husk, perlite, and activated biochar


Tropical houseplants with ropey roots like monsteras, pothos, birds of paradise, and fiddle leaf figs and epiphytes like anthurium and aroids


Repot tropical plants as usual with this potting mix

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Customer Reviews

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Jess SJess S
The best

The hardest part about this mix is that it would cost a small fortune to transfer all my tropicals to it. But if I could I would. All my incoming plugs and most of my tissue cultures are in it and thriving. I love to experiment- the babies not in this are still good, but much smaller. This allows the plants to breathe and dry out faster, which eliminates the possibility of root rot. Also helps with the gnat problem that regular soil mixes encourage.Picture shown are 3 Florida Ghost cultures loving life. For some reason after I moved a Red Anderson to this mix it uncurled a few leaves and stretched out more comfortably. I’m honestly amazed at the transformation of my plants and I’ll probably slowly move all of them to this mix eventually.

Potting soil

This is an excellent choice for potting plants if you,like me, does not want to mix your own potting soil.

Vivian Pinion
Good product.

It does a good job in my mix for my aroids.

Fantastic soil!!

I'm in love with this soil blend!! It has everything you'd want in it for tropical plants. I will be ordering more. Highly recommend!

bruno Mithout
Great soil substitute

Great soul substitute, works well with all kinds of tropical houseplants, prevents fungal gnats.