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Propagation Cones

Propagation Cones

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Our 3-pack of prop cones are the perfect tools to help you take your houseplant hobby to the next level. Have you ever taken a cutting of a plant and put it in a jar just to have it flop into the water or, worse, knock over your container? These prop cones center the weight in your container so you can watch your roots grow and your cuttings thrive.

Or use it to force your larger bulbs so you can enjoy the blooms of spring early in your home. Perfect for amaryllis or avocado pits without having to poke them with toothpicks. 

Our high-quality aluminum propagation cones are lightweight, durable, and reusable. In a three-pack of either white or blue, prop cones are a fun gift or stocking stuffer for the plant lovers in your life - even better if given with a cutting from your personal houseplant collection.


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Customer Reviews

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These plant funnels have helped my plant cuttings root faster and without dead roots. I like the size variations. I will buy these in the future.


I am waiting for my cuttings to arrive, but my plan is to use this to keep my aerial root in the water to start growing roots without getting the rest of my node wet. This should help keep it from rotting. I've done things like glue popsicle sticks or bamboo together, put plant velcro around the cutting and tape the cutting to the side of the jar, etc. in the past. It'll be so nice/convenient to just pop it in the water without having to get so creative.These are thick and sturdy, and they fit over a lot of different sizes of jars and vases. The enamel finish is smooth and attractive. When I had a question about the use of the cones, the company answered promptly. So there seems to be good customer service and support.I'm looking forward to putting these to use! I expect great results. Five stars.

Isaac B.

If you ever plan of propagating your plans this is a great product for that.

Cat's Eye

This is a really helpful set of propagation cones. They will fit over most glass jars, and they are made in a way plants stay in place well on them. They are aluminum and sturdy. I would get them again.

�Very Good

�I love those little cones, they�re great! Cute, and functional! I love them so much that I bought a second set. Why only 4 stars then? Because I wish they came in several sizes, or had a bigger hole altogether. I bought them primarily for avocado pits and find them a bit small for that. But I use them for propagation of other plants.