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Tap Water Conditioner

Tap Water Conditioner

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Southside Plants' Water Conditioner (16oz) removes chlorine, destroys chloramines, detoxifies heavy metals, & buffers pH.

IS TAP WATER BAD FOR PLANTS? In general, tap water is safe for most plants, but high levels of chlorine and chloramines (used by municipalities to treat water for human consumption) can kill beneficial microorganisms in soil and damage plant roots. And some varieties like dracaenas, ti plants, spider plants, prayer plants, calatheas, and carnivorous plants are just more sensitive to chemical exposure. Our Conditioner solves these problems, turning water into a healthy elixir like nature intended.

SIGNS YOUR PLANTS NEED WATER CONDITIONER - While many factors such as over or under-watering or fertilizing & incorrect light conditions can damage plants, water quality may also have a negative effect. Look out for poor growth, wilting, crispy brown or black leaf tips. While using our houseplant tap water conditioner, you may also notice plants growing taller & more robust. This is because our conditioner dissipates harmful chemicals before they hit the soil & are absorbed by thirsty roots. 

Learn more about why your plants may need tap water conditioner here!


    While towns and cities treat for heavy metals, if you get water from a well or other natural source, this may be a concern.


    The average pH of tap water is 6.5 to 8.5, & plants prefer a pH between 5.0-7.0. Our water conditioner buffers pH, which means it helps to keep the pH in a more neutral range, significantly improving your ability to grow healthy, happy plants.


    To treat your tap water, simply add one drop of tap water conditioner to 1-2 gallons of tap water to make it safe for watering houseplants, hydroponic setups, and irrigation systems. GREAT FOR PONDS & AQUARIUMS TOO - If you're looking to make your water safe for fish in an aquarium or pond, our tap water conditioner is a must-have. Use as directed for all applications for healthy aquatic lifeforms!


    This 16-ounce bottle should go a long way, as one bottle of Southside Plants Tap Water Conditioner treats 16,000 gallons of water! Not to mention, you will be replacing less dead plants and wondering less about problems with crispy leaf edges, damaged roots, or stunted growth. Stop wondering if your water's safe for your plants, and get Southside Plants Water Conditioner today!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Richard Crow

    Good product. Good value

    Katherine H

    Helps my plants thrive

    Recommended treatment for plant water

    This product is designed to eliminate chemicals and heavy metals from your water so as not to harm your plants. Must city water is treated with chemicals that build up over time in your plants system and can lead to unsightly stems and leaves.It seems expensive at first glance but this bottle with treat 16000 gallons of water. This is probably a lifetime supply for me.

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    So far so good

    I received the tap water conditioner in perfect condition and in a timely manner. There was a little dimple in the seal and I poked a metal skewer (you could probably use a toothpick) in it and the hole measures out one drop. I have used the water about 3 times and so far none of my plants have died.

    Makes sensitive plants happy

    I have houseplants who don’t thrive on tap water. A tiny bit of this in every watering can insures happy plants. So little is necessary that it will last a long time.