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Cactus Cleaning Brushes

Cactus Cleaning Brushes

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How do you clean dust off prickly plants without getting poked? Enter our unique Cactus Cleaning Brushes - sold in pack of two - specially designed to get in between spines and spikes without damaging your plants or your skin. 

For smooth-leafed plants, check out our Plant Cleaning Wipes, but for plants that need a gentle touch, our cactus brushes are the way to go.


    Each package includes two wooden-handled brushes (7" and 3.2" in length) with fluffy goat hair bristles, 1.5 inches long. This 100% genuine goat hair is soft, resilient, and long-lasting. It’s also sustainably collected - no goats were harmed in the making of these brushes.


    We also love to use these brushes when repotting to gently remove soil from the crown of plants and edges of pots.


    For smooth-leafed plants, check out our Plant Cleaning Wipes, but for plants that need a gentle touch, our cactus brushes are the way to go.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Great brushes

    Great quality and great sizes! Soft bristles.

    Southside Plants Cactus Brushes: YES cleaning brushes CAN be adorable too!

    Behold the Southside Plants Cactus Cleaning Brushes Pack – the adorable little warriors armed with soft goat hair bristles, here to wage war on dust for your beloved indoor greenery. At $12.99, these tiny heroes seemed like a quirky yet promising addition to my plant care arsenal.Let's address the cuteness overload first - these brushes are as cute as a button and softer than a cloud! They glide over cactus spines with the grace of a ballerina and managed to charm their way through my orchid's leaves too. They're like the fairy godmothers of plant dusting!At about $13 (give or take a few leaves), these brushes fall into the 'nice to have' category for us plant enthusiasts. Are they necessary? Well, that's a dilemma even my fern can't solve! They're handy, no doubt, but not exactly a game-changer for plant care.If you're in the plantie squad and enjoy adding whimsical tools to your gardening stash, these brushes might just hop into your shopping cart. They're cute, they're soft, and they're on a mission to keep your plants looking spiffy. As for me, these brushes have definitely brushed away some dust and brought smiles to my succulents!

    Casper Killens

    I never thought I’d be dusting my succulents, but here we are! I may end up using them for something else. The bristles are soft and the brushes work as intended.

    Elana Gleason

    These are fabulous! I make a lot of cactus arrangements and terrariums and these are great for smoothing soil, dusting dirt out of small crevices, and cleaning up arrangements. Good deal for 2 really nice brushes. I am pleased with this product.


    Very gentle way to brush dust and dirt off of plants.