Southside Plants was founded in
Fort Worth, Texas by Meg Renninger.

Meg studied Environmental Conservation of Natural Resources and had a wide ranging career in a variety of fields, both literal and metaphorical. Meg always had a green interest but she didn't start with a green thumb. With persistence, trial and error, and the sacrifice of many houseplants she finally figured out how to keep a variety of plants happy at one time.

She wanted to push the limit of her houseplant hobby and seek out new challenges. If she could keep a houseplant she bought from the nursery alive could she grow one from scratch?

At first, No.

Undeterred she used the same persistence, trial and error, (and the sacrifice of even more houseplants) to learn everything she could about propagation, plant hormones and the chemical interactions going on in plants. When she came up for air she had developed Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste and was nearly buried under the new plants she had cloned. The success of Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste led her to develop more houseplant accessories that addressed more of her own problems she had experienced in the care and keeping of houseplants.

Today Meg has a better track record with her houseplants and continues to develop innovative solutions for the houseplant owners problems.

In 2020 she joined Business Incubator named Tech Fort Worth to add some 'fertilizer' to her baby company. Her favorite plants include a ming aralia that thrives in a dark warm room, a lady slipper orchid with spotted leaves that refuses to bloom and a miscellaneous straight-as-a-ruler cactus cutting from her late grandma's legendary plant collection.