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Meet the team

Southside Plants began as an obsession with houseplants and home propagation. Today Southside Plants works to develop more houseplant accessories that are solutions to the care, keeping and propagation of houseplants.

Owner/ Founder

Houseplant aficionado, Inventor, and Problem Solver.

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Meg Renninger

Social Media Manager

Petri has been helping us run our social media since 2019. She enjoys working hand in hand with smaller businesses like ours immensely and enjoys creating a specialized social media presence for Southside Plants. You can find Petri at Exhale Media 

Petri Scott

Virtual Assistant

Elline works as a Virtual Assistant and a Graphic Designer. She's Designed and published a few blank journals and books through KDP. She's also Built several stores on Etsy, JEdepot for digital products, and WallDecorDecals.

Elline Guerrero Lansangan


Rosalind is a freelance writer and researcher from London. 

Rosalind Rei