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Emily Montes and Ann Marie Montes - owners of Southside PlantsSouthside Plants is the home of the original Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste, created and made right here in the USA. 

We didn't start with a green thumb. But with persistence, trial, error - and the sacrifice of many houseplants - we finally figured out how to keep a few plants happy at one time.

We wanted to push the limit of our houseplant hobby and seek out new challenges. If we could keep a houseplant from the plant store alive, could we grow one from scratch?

At first, no.

Undeterred we used the same persistence, trial, error - and the sacrifice of even more houseplants - to learn everything we could about propagation, plant hormones, and the chemical interactions going on in plants.

When we came up for air we had developed Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste.

Keiki paste, pronounced 'KAY-kee', was originally developed for orchids to encourage the plants to generate new "baby" orchids from a node. 

Before long, we discovered that keiki paste can be used on used on philodendrons, ficus, monsteras, and strings of pearls, and SO MUCH MORE to generate new growth for fuller, happier plants. 

The success of keiki paste led us to develop more essential products that addressed the challenges we had experienced in the care and keeping of houseplants.

Today we have a better track record with our houseplants and continue to develop innovative solutions for the houseplant owners problems from plant wipes that keep leaves dust-free and photosynthesizing to the perfect potting mixes for roots to thrive.