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Orchid Fertilizing & Blooming Sprays

Orchid Fertilizing & Blooming Sprays

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Orchid Fertilizing Spray is food for dormant orchids, while Orchid Blooming Spray gets them ready to bloom again. 

Your orchid may be done blooming, but it still needs care. Our Orchid Fertilizing Spray provides a 20-10-20 NPK nutrition, perfectly formulated to help your orchids store more energy during their resting season so they are ready when it is time to bloom. The fine trigger sprayer is easy on your hands and mists your plants with foliar fertilizer that feeds them via the leaves. 

Orchid Blooming Spray provides 6-30-30 NPK - with higher Phosphorous and Potassium - encouraging orchids to flower. Since orchids bloom at the same time every year, just switch from the Orchid Fertilizing Spray to the Orchid Bloom spray about three months before your flower spike is expected.

Your plants will love the additional food and humidity, and our orchid sprays are gentle enough for delicate aerial roots. Get both Fertilizing Spray and Blooming Spray for crazy happy orchids.

Ready to experiment with cloning your orchids? Check out our Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste!



    Our duo of orchid sprays fertilize both dormant and blooming orchids to extend blooms and gear up plants for another bloom season. Orchid Fertilizing Spray is food for resting orchids, while Orchid Blooming Spray gets them ready to bloom again. Since orchids typically bloom at the same time each year, you can switch from fertilizing spray to blooming spray about three months before the flower spike is expected.


    Easy-to-use trigger sprayers in 8 oz green and blue bottles are an attractive addition to your weekly house plant chore schedule. The fine mist trigger sprayer with a a locking handle makes it easy for 360-degree application while fertilizing plants.


    Our orchid sprays are compatible with indoor varieties such as Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Epidendrum, Cattlay, Miltonia, Vanda, and Cymbidium. These gentle formulas can also be used as foliar fertilizers for most other varieties of tropical houseplants.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Jen C.
    Feed me, Seymour!

    Super easy to use and I'm already seeing new roots form!

    Angela M.Angela M.
    Works wonderfully on Hoyas and other epiphytes

    I got this specifically to use on my hoyas after hearing that orchid sprays work well on epiphytic plants. I just finished the bottle and I am here to buy another. I started using this in the winter (Arizona) and my hoyas continuously put out new growth. Now that it's warmer they are growing like crazy! I am seeing new leaves on some of my super slow growers like my Hoya Kerrii and Hoya Obovata. I am horrible about misting my plants and the air in my house is super dry, this spray is just about the only misting they get and they are thriving. I even used it on some fishbone cactus cuttings and I'm seeing new growth there as well. I am really happy with this product and highly recommend it to other hoya collectors.

    Beach Lover
    Plant health

    I have always loved orchids, I have a lot of house plants, it wasn’t until I got an Orchid as a gift that I realized not that hard to nurture and now I have 4! Where I live even the plant nursery never heard of Orchid Spray Mist! This mist is for the leaves and vital to the health of the plant. This is an amazing product.

    Been using for a month and new flower spikes!

    This stuff works!

    love it and so do my orchids !

    Easy to use and the plants are thriving !