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Plant Wipes

Plant Wipes

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Finally! Extra thick waffle-weave Plant Wipes for cleaning smooth-leaved plants. Help your houseplants look great and photosynthesize their best by removing dust, dirt, and water spots for better overall health and beauty.

Sure you can use paper towels, but hundreds of fans love how our soft, thick plant wipes make their plant-cleaning chores easier and more fun.

Perfect for smooth-leaved plants like fiddle leaf figs, rubber trees, snake plants, monsteras, & other tropical & hard-leaved foliage. Check out our Cactus Brushes for plants with fuzzy or spiny leaves!

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Get leaf shine naturally! Stop using mineral oil, mayonnaise, or chemical-filled plant cleaning treatments. Use Southside Plant Wipes to remove dust, grime, and pollution from your leaves.

Clean leaves mean your plants can best photosynthesize the sun’s rays to get the most energy out of lower light conditions all year round.

As you wipe down those leaves, you can easily check for vexing crawlers, and removing grime lets your plants breathe again.


Orders containing plant wipes ship for a flat fee of only $5. Order more to save $$$!

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Plant Wipes FAQs

What are the ingredients in plant wipes?

The solution in our plant cleaning wipes is 99% purified water with glycerin and cinnamon extract.

Are plant wipes eco-friendly?

Yes! Our Plant Wipes are 100% biodegradeable. The packaging is recyclable depending on where you live! Check with your local municipality.

Do the plant wipes have a scent?

Southside Plants cleaning wipes are unscented.

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Urban Girl

We used these leaf wipes on our 12 house plants. Really made a difference in how the plants look. Happy to have found these wipes.

Mara Booth

I love love love how fresh these wipes made my dusty plants look! Super easy to use, just hold a hand under the leaf for support and gently wipe the tops of your plant leaves. Made my Alocasia (and other plants,) super shiny! Highly recommend

Jackie Kirkland

These wipes are super easy to use. And they do a good job of cleaning dusty, dirty leaves. In the first picture I've added- hard to see but the top leaves of my aglaonema have been cleaned and the bottom ones are still dusty. 2nd pic is after I finished wiping all the leaves. I was able to use 1 wipe to clean several leaves.


Keeps my plant leaves clean.


Happy with my purchase!!