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Air Plant Weekly Fertilizer

Air Plant Weekly Fertilizer

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Feed your collection of tillandsias and epiphytes the way that nature intended - through a nutrient-rich mist or soak! 

Get the biggest, most outrageously colorful blooms by adding this fertilizer to your weekly routine. Your air plants will love the added moisture and attention.

Our Air Plant Fertilizer comes in three different variations:

  • 8oz spray bottleReady-to-use!
  • 1oz concentrate with a dropper to refill an 8oz spray bottle (Enough for 20 bottles!) 
  • 4oz concentrate, with an even more concentrated formula for making larger batches to soak your air plants (16 gallons worth!)



Our easy 8oz spray requires no mixing or measuring.

For 1oz - Mix three 1/2 droppers-full with water into an 8 oz spray bottle. It can also be used at this concentration for a soak.

For 4oz concentrates - Add one tablespoon for weekly watering/gallon or up to 3 tablespoons/gallon for monthly watering. It can also be used at a concentration of 1 half droppers-full per 8 oz spray bottle.


All of your houseplants will also love our 16-9-25 formula. Foliar feeding is the most efficient way to give your plants what they need. We also recommend using this spray on your terrarium plants and bromeliads.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Now watering my Tillandsia Caput Medusae in a two gallon bucket.

I bought a small single pup medusae mounted in an anemone shell four years ago. The pup was set free when the shell broke. I bought this concentrate and water it via the soaking method once per week. It hangs in an East-facing window on the West Coast. In the time since it was freed it has flowered twice, and now is a cluster of 4. I was soaking it in a 9x13 pan after the first flowering and now have to soak it in a two gallon bucket, switching it's position because it doesn't completely submerge all at once.

I definitely recommend giving this fertilizer a shot.


The sprayer was broken in shipping so I had to switch it to one I had. I spray it on my plants and it seems to work


This is easy to use and long lasting. I am just buying my second bottle. Using it has resulted in my plants multiplying and has improved their health since before I was using it.


Easy to use spray bottle and the fertilizer spray makes a difference. I use it in between weekly plant soaks. I�ve never been able to keep air plants alive and now my air plants are actually growing. Will definitely be purchasing again.


Half empty bottle and it wasn't even leaking box was perfectly intact..not worth it.