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Concentrated Air Plant Fertilizer - 4 oz

Concentrated Air Plant Fertilizer 

Our 4 oz Concentrated Air Plant Fertilizer is the most cost-effective option for Air Plant lovers and makes many GALLONS of air plant fertilizer. Our Fertilizer is easy to use with directions on the label. 

Mixing Instructions

  • Mix 2 tbsp of concentrate with one gallon fresh tap water jug
  • Secondly, place Air Plants in bowl and add enough mixture to cover
  • Let plants soak for 15 minutes up to 6 hours
  • Lastly, remove plants from mixture and shake off excess water
  • Allow plants to air dry before returning


1gallon of air plant fertilizer


Our formula features a 16-9-25 NPK and is gentle enough to spray or soak plants. Fertilizing spray can be used on many other houseplants beyond Epiphytes and Air Plants. 


Help your air plants bloom by supporting their growth with a balanced nutrition and enjoy their outrageously colorful blooms. Often times, tillandsia will follow up blooming by reproducing asexually through clones called 'pups'.  Allow pups to grow on the mother plant until they are large enough to grow on their own (typically 1/3 the mother plants size.

We recommend using this to refill the 8 oz air plant fertilizer which you can use to spray on terrarium plants, bromeliads, orchids and other house plants that enjoy a foliar spritz.