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Why High-Quality Soil Is So Important For Your Houseplants

January 13, 2023 2 min read

high-quality soil

Why High-Quality Soil Is So Important For Your Houseplants

The Type Of Soil Your Houseplants Have Is Important

Plotting A New Plant Is Simple, Right?  

As easy as it sounds to go to your local garden center, and get a plant, a pot and some all-purpose potting mix, it's not so simple. Soil mix is crucial because when your plant lives in a pot, that pot is its ecosystem, its home, so it is important to find the right soil for your plant. Potting mix isn’t just dirt, it’s not the same stuff you’d find if you just went out in your yard with a shovel so as simple as it sounds. 

soil matters

What To Look For In Plant Soil 

Your plant will have different needs for nutrients and drainage, so choosing your soil carefully is important, this is because the contents and ratios of mixes can vary wildly. Plant soils are made of different materials, some soil mixes might retain more moisture or drain better than others. Some might contain or hold onto more nutrients, and some might provide a more stable foundation for a strong root structure for your plants. Because of this, it is important to look into your particular plant to see what type of soil would be best for it. There are also several plant-specific potting mixes for cacti, succulents, orchids, starting seeds, and lots more! These soils have unique combinations of features and ingredients to help certain plants thrive, so be sure to keep an eye out for those if you have any of the aforementioned houseplants. 

The labels that come on the plant and the soil package will also give you some good information, but a quick Google search is just as good. One should take note of if your plant prefers dry or damp conditions, what nutrients it needs, and how much drainage it likes etc. Now some potting mixes can retain a lot of moisture that can harbor harmful fungi, so check for mold before potting your plants. If you accidentally buy some moldy potting mix or if a bag goes bad on you, there’s no need to panic! You can either replace it or spread the soil out in the sun where it can dry. 

quality soil

Some Other Things To Note About Soil 

In general, you don’t want heavy, thick mixes that won’t let water drain or roots grow. Most plants prefer to be just a little too dry than too wet, and it’s always easier to add water than treat root rot! If you aren’t sure, it's best to stay on the light, dry side. Additionally, some potting mixes include fertilizer supplements, water-retaining granules, and other additives. These are usually great for starting seedlings and building new, healthy root systems, but they tend to hang onto water more than other mixes so be mindful of that when looking into buying one of those potting mixes. 

If you have any more questions, seedoes plant soil need sunlight, andhow long can a plant go without soil for more information about soil and what you can do for your houseplants’ soil. 


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