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Swiss Cheese Vine: Where to get the Rare Plant

November 22, 2019 2 min read

Swiss Cheese Vine

This unique jungle plant with its holey foliage is quickly becoming a must-have in the houseplant world. The exotic, attractive Swiss Cheese Vine is easy to care for as well which adds to its appeal. This is not an easy plant to find but don't worry, we put in the research time so you can use your limited free time on other important tasks. If you would like to add a Swiss Cheese Vine (Monstera adansonii) to your home, check out these places that sell it. 

A popular place to find the Swiss Cheese Vine,Etsy features many sellers of this plant. Prices range from $7-$90.  Although there are many sellers, there are also many who list it as limited or unavailable at the moment. If you see a quality seller with Swiss Cheese Vine in stock, don't wait to purchase it or the chance will be gone. One seller had 1 left in stock and it was in 8 people's carts. This is how popular a marketplace Etsy is for this one-of-a-kind houseplant.

     Cory's Fine Flora – 16.00 + shipping

     Ivy Wilde Studios – 34.99 + free shipping

     The Plant Trader – 7.99 + shipping

TheEbaymarketplace features lots of sellers, limited quantities, and excellent prices. Most sellers are very specific about where they ship so be sure they ship to your location before ordering. Don't neglect to read the reviews. Many sellers are hasty in their packaging and plants can get damaged in transit. Plants vary in size and the price usually reflects this. 

     Annie Store 2010 – $3.99 + shipping

     Modern Rootz – $9.99 + shipping

Many sellers onAmazon offer the Swiss Cheese Vine for sale. Prices range from $10-$50. Be sure to read the reviews for the sellers since shipping plants require care and attention and some do not do a good job. Some sellers offer a single-rooted vine and others offer fully grown plants. Additionally, many sellers have mislabeled the plants, calling them Monstera deliciosa. Be sure to research exactly what you are getting before buying!

     Hirt's Garden -  29.99 + shipping

     Costa Farms – 50.99 + free shipping

Online plant nurseries are another place to seek out the Swiss Cheese Vine. Look for reliable, reputable companies with reviews. Sizes vary and availability fluctuates as many of these types of suppliers also sell in brick and mortar stores. Check the nurseries where you live too and see if they carry this rare plant.

     Pistils Nursery - $18 + shipping

     Exotica Tropicals - $25.99 + shipping

Swiss Cheese Vine in a pot Swiss Cheese Vine leaves Swiss Cheese Vine in a blue pot

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