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Choose the Right Orchid Container

November 10, 2018 1 min read

There are so many orchid containers to choose from it can be overwhelming. Let's check out the best option for your orchid!

Plastic Pot

Plastic pots are inexpensive and functional. They tend to be stronger and flexible than Ceramic Pots and are often made of recycled materials. Clear plastic pots are especially handy because they allow green orchid roots to photosynthesize.

Advantages: Strong, lightweight, flexible, wide range of styles.
Disadvantages: Not as attractive as other styles, can tip over.

Ceramic Pot

Ceramic Pot are widely available and commonly used because in addition to draining well, they also wick moisture well through their sides. They are attractive and sturdy and some orchids including Cycnoches or Catasetum prefer ceramic pots.

Advantages: Allows air and water movement through the sides of the pot. Heavier than plastic and less likely to tip over.
Disadvantages: Brittle and prone to breaking and their opaque sides mean roots are unable to photosynthesize

Wood Slat Basket

These are made of wood that is resistant to rotting. Most plants do well in them and they are easy to hang. Wood Slat Basket drain even better than ceramic pot but do not wick moisture. These pots are commonly used with orchids that have a long root system such as Cymbidium orchid.

Advantages: Drains well and can be mounted easily
Disadvantages: orchid may require increased watering
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