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With winter closing in, the joys of summer gardening seem a distant memory. Here are our top houseplant blogs to keep you busy through the darker months. Each is a labor of love: niche, in-depth, and written either by one person or a small team.  

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Houseplant Club – Plant hunting in the urban jungle 

houseplant plant club

If you want the latest houseplant trends, bookmark Houseplant Club now!

Written by Paige, a Bay-area ‘millennial plant enthusiast’, Houseplant Club is stuffed with the rarest and most beautiful houseplants. You’ll never run out of varieties to look out for. 

Paige’s detailed knowledge of the plant market is showcased at every turn. Take her offhand remark that the Pilea was one of the ‘IT plants of one point quite scarce+expensive’ and you get an idea of how deeply involved she is with her botanical passions. 

Paige loves sourcing from local and independent outlets. She often showcases plant shops in the Bay Area and has reviewed shops in her native Oregon. 

Her plant care tips are detailed, accessible, and based on hands-on experience.

The Succulent Eclectic – A succulent encyclopedia

The Succulent Eclectic

This blog has everything you need to know about succulent care and presentation. It is organized around six themes: care, planting, propagating, DIY projects, growing guides, and ‘best succulents for’. 

One refreshing aspect of this blog is that it completely ignores plant trends. It covers all kinds of succulents, not just those that happen to be popular right now.

The posts are lengthy and detailed, making this a great site regardless of your expertise. Readers can also contact the site owner with plant questions. 

Once inspired, head to the ‘Shop with me section’. Check out the writer’s Amazon influencer store where they have curated the best plants and products for easy shopping. There are also links to plant suppliers and even discount codes for recommended stores. 

Houseplant journal – The science of houseplants Houseplant Journal by Darryl Cheng takes amateur plant-care to a whole new level. 

Houseplant journal

Darryl is an engineer by profession and his plant care is all about methodical precision. Get your hygrometers ready – this blog leaves nothing to chance. Some of his topics are more technical than you’d get on your average gardening blog. One video explains watering using the ‘saturation volume ratio’. Light requirements are always specified in foot-candles. Although Darryl covers many common houseplant species, he aims to meet their requirements to perfection. 

And don’t let the scientific approach put you off. Darryl’s stunning plant photography shows he is driven by one purpose: to revel in the diversity and beauty of plant-life. And his care pays off. Look at this mesmerizing time-lapse of his terrarium. Impressively, he got a pair of mushrooms to grow inside it – a wondrous feat. 

House Plant House – The zen of houseplants

House Plant House

The houseplant blogosphere can be a manic place. It craves novelty and quantity, making it so easy to buy as many plants as possible. 

House Plant House is a welcome antidote to this. With her minimalist aesthetic and mindful ethos, blogger Dr. Laura Jenkins shows you how to cultivate harmonious living spaces where you and your plants thrive. 

This blog combines plant-care with home design and photography. Uniquely, there’s a whole section devoted to plant styling. Here, you can find everything from thrifting plant homewares to guides on training various species into interesting forms. Laura’s occasional photo-diary posts are great for aesthetic inspiration. 

Laura also founded, a non-profit plant-sharing community. Plant lovers from all other the world can connect and mail each other cuttings.    

Brooklyn Orchids – Floral fascinations

Brooklyn Orchids

Brooklyn Orchids is written by Sarah, an orchid obsessive from DC. It celebrated its 10th anniversary in February 2020 so you’ll have a lot to scroll through.

Sarah uses her sprawling orchid collection to guide the reader through this fascinating plant family. Her posts track the seasons so you have an idea of what orchid tasks you should be doing throughout the year.

The blog caters to all levels of orchid expertise. Dip into the beginner’s section or FAQs for quick tips or take a deep-dive into the more advanced 'how-to' section. 

The ‘Orchid of the Week’ section pays homage to the staggering diversity of this family. Marvel at the different shapes, colors, and sizes of orchids from around the world. 

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