Top 10 Perennials for 2020


Now is the perfect time to get those perennials planted. 2020 is a year for bold garden choices, a time for striking colors and shapes that lift the spirits and inspire exuberance. 

'Evening Rose' Hibiscus

The huge hot-pink flowers of this hibiscus variety are stunning on their own. However, when contrasted against the almost black foliage, it is a show-stopper. This bush hibiscus reaches 4-feet tall and averages 5-feet wide. It is perfect as a border or hedge. If you're looking for a statement flower, this is it.

evening rose hibiscus

Red Tiger Lily

Tall and striking, with flecked petals like the original orange version, the Red Tiger Lily is dramatic in its' splendor. The bold crimson-colored flowers are prolific and look incredible in the garden as well as in a vase centerpiece.

red tiger lily

'Gold Rush' Red Hot Poker

Brilliant bright-yellow flowers stand tall above the wide-leafed blue-green foliage. This may be the closest you get to striking gold, and it is a magnificent discovery. Bunches of small tubular flowers encircle the stem, drawing in hummingbirds and humans alike. Gold is at your fingertips with this knockout.

Gold Rush Red Hot Poker

Anouk Spanish Lavender

The deep-purple flowerheads wave delicate lilac flags when it bloom. It looks as if dozens of dainty, exquisite lilac butterflies have decided to perch on top of the heads. The magnificence of this small shrub must not be under-estimated. Plus, the calming scent of lavender is essential for the garden sanctuary.

Anouk Spanish Lavender

'Queen of Hearts' Brunnera

For this one, it's about the foliage, not the flowers. And, the foliage is spell-binding. Huge heart-shaped dark green leaves with an equally dark silver overlay will even make the shade-garden shine. The silver lasts all summer long, too!

Queen of Hearts Brunnera

Strawberry Candy Daylily

So sweet and delicious looking, it is hard to resist the enormous blooms of this daylily. Strawberry Candy has ruffled rosy-pink and dark-edged petals with a bright strawberry-red center. A magical display! The flowers are short-lived, but that's what makes them so special. You'll feel as if you've been touched by exquisiteness for a day. And, then each day after as the flowers bloom in turn.

Strawberry Candy Daylily

'Star of Love' Astrantia

Gardens are full of love, and no more so than with the addition of this bold flower with a galaxy of colors. Tall deep-purple stems produce multiples of pin cushion-shaped tiny red-fringed flowers with white centers. Red star-shaped bracts with dark purple tips surround each flower ball. Bring the wonders of the universe a little bit closer with this cosmic gem.

Star of Love Astrantia

Fiery Meadow Mama Echinacea (Coneflower)

Add some fire to the garden landscape with this flaring flower. This is not your grandma's coneflower! The deep chocolate-colored cone is surrounded by a skirt of petals that gradate from flaming-red to golden-yellow. A stunning field of fire erupts from the garden when these are in bloom. And, the butterflies love them!

Fiery Meadow Mama Echinacea (Coneflower)

Ice Wine Coreopsis

The pure white petals with deep mulberry wine-stained centers bring all the butterflies and bees to the garden. Celebrate the natural world with these elegant flowers. The bright-green frilly foliage accentuates the sophistication of this simple flower.

Ice Wine Coreopsis

'Sparkling Sapphires' Baptisia

Tall stems studded with pea-shaped indigo-blue flower gems bring all the grandeur and splendor to your garden. We all deserve a royal garden retreat! The large, clumping bushes of these vibrant flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. And, the blue-green foliage is gorgeous on its own, too.

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