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The Best Plant TikTok Accounts to Follow Now

April 22, 2022 3 min read

tiktok plant accounts

TikTok is one of the best places to go for plant content, offering an endless stream of gardening tips in a short and fun video format. It’s very easy to find accounts on even the most obscure indoor gardening niche.

Below are six of the best houseplant TikToks we’ve found. To discover more, you can search for the hashtags #plantok and #houseplanttiktok.


RoomInBloom is run by an NYC resident with over 200 houseplants. Alongside practical plant care tips and user Q&As, there are many videos on the travails of plant parenthood - see ‘accidentally killing a new plant you spent way too much money on’ and ‘Sees an interesting plant….’. This account will feel relatable to all those with a plant buying addiction.

Ever used a tampon to fix an overwatered plant? Or used a potato to clean your fish tank? is an amazing plant hack TikTok with everyday plant hacks you can whip up using household items. It also has lots of how-to videos on sprouting different fruit and vegetables, as well as interesting gardening techniques to try like grafting cacti species.  If you want to get experimental with your plant care, this is a place to start.


Sasha Kim

Mtplanters has lots of helpful houseplant gardening advice. It covers all the basics like propagating different species and pest control but advanced gardeners will also find some helpful hints. With its plant journal format, this account makes you feel as though you’re going on a journey of discovery with each post.


Ryutaro Tsukata

This is the account to follow if you want to learn about more unusual indoor gardening techniques. Benji is very into moss and humid micro-habitats, cultivating whole worlds inside small glass containers. He specialises in exquisite aquatic gardens, miniature moss greenhouses, and the Japanese art of Kokedama where root balls are wrapped in spherical moss balls. Benji’s zen Kokedama creations are one of a kind, appearing to float inside bell jars. Benji’s calm, melliferous voice also makes his videos a pleasure to watch.


Quang Nguyen Vinh

As the name suggests, this account is dedicated to succulents. There are lots of tips on propagating, repotting, and rescuing these indoor gardening favorites. The account also features some rare houseplants like Begonia escargot and Monstera albo.


Gustavo Fring

This is the place to go for gardening advice from the professionals.  Mulhall’s garden and home is a garden and landscaping company based in Omaha Nebraska and their TikTok account features videos on the daily life of a working nursery. Using their vast plant collection, they provide detailed plant care tips from pest control to watering.

Because they have so many plants at their fingertips, this is a good place to find what plant you could buy next. There are a lot of fun videos too. Check out their ‘maindenhair energy’ video if you’ve ever failed spectacularly at keeping these delicate creatures alive. 


Plantasian features lots of plant comedy, a fluffy white dog, and lots of rare plants. This account is run by a man who clearly enjoys his plant collection and gives them the best possible care, often giving practical recommendations on grow lights, moisture meters, and humidifiers. There’s also lots of botanical interior décor ideas .

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