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  • Leaf propagation: A scientific rundown

    This article goes through the science of leaf propagation. Find five different leaf propagation methods
  • Hoya Heaven with Keiki Paste

    This three-step tutorial shows you how to grow new shoots and leaves on your Hoya Carnosa (wax plant) with Keiki paste. 
  • Peperomia: Happy Houseplant Series

    Many Peperomia species are common houseplants. Others are rarer, making the Peperomia ideal for a collector’s hobby.
  • Top 5 houseplant blogs

    Here are our top houseplant blogs to keep you busy through the darker months. Each is a labor of love: niche, in-depth, and written either by one person or a small team.
  • Fertilizing House Plants Do's and Don'ts

    Fertilizing isn't complicated, yet so many people struggle to do it correctly. That's understandable with so much contradictory information. Houseplants are just as likely to be over-fertilized as under-fertilized, and it is important to understand the reasons why. Applying fertilizer at the right time and in the right amount goes a long way in ensuring the vitality of your houseplant.
  • 5 Terrific Houseplant Blogs

    It's nice to know we aren't the only infatuated folks out there. Here are a few of our favorite houseplant blogs that talk about all our favorite things.
  • Fall Houseplant Care Guide

    As the seasons' change, so do the needs of your houseplants. Winter is a time of dormancy for most houseplants and Fall is the time to ease the plants into that restful period. It is important to make the transition easy for the health and prosperity of your houseplants.
  • Where To Get That Rare Swiss Cheese Vine

    This unique jungle plant with its holey foliage is quickly becoming a must-have in the houseplant world. The exotic, attractive Swiss Cheese Vine is easy to care for as well which adds to its appeal.
  • Houseplant Spotlight: Chinese Evergreen

    If you've dreamed of having gorgeous, healthy plants gracing your living space but don't have the time to invest in plant care, the Chinese Evergreen is here to make it a reality. This plant needs so little care it is a little mind-boggling.

    The foliage varies in color with options like green, white, silver, red, and orange. Chinese Evergreens are slow growers and range in height from 10” to 3-4', depending on the variety.

  • Houseplant Spotlight: Coffee Tree

    A small coffee plant looks great on a desk or plant stand while a large one will stand tall and eloquent in the room.
  • Two Easy Ways To Propagate African Violets

    A perennial favorite, this houseplant has long been found in homes across the country. The simple grand elegance of the African Violet brings joy to any room it inhabits

    There are a couple of easy ways to propagate African violets. In fact, it is so simple, you may suddenly find yourself swimming in African violet babies.

  • Houseplant Spotlight: Fiddle Leaf Fig

    A native to West Africa, the fiddle leaf fig has taken the houseplant world by storm. It's tall stature and large, lush leaves make a bold statement. It is revered in minimalist spaces and brings character to any room it is in. Chances are you've seen this plant all over social media since it is so perfectly dramatic and photogenic.