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  • 5 Best Plants for First-time House Plant Owners

    Consider getting the following houseplants. All have straightforward watering requirements and tolerate shade. They don't need high humidity - usually one of the most challenging aspects of houseplant care.
  • Grow your Inch Plant with Keiki Paste

    This three-step tutorial shows how to boost Inch Plant growth using Keiki Paste. Keiki paste contains plant hormone cytokinin to encourage cell di...
  • Dragon Tree: Care Guide

    The long sword-shaped green leaves with deep-red edges flaring upwards from long, slim gray stems make the Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata) a striking and dramatic addition to the home. It's also fantastic because it is easy to care for, and almost impossible to kill. I've known these houseplants to suffer months of neglect and still come back strong as ever.
  • How to Kill an Orchid in 7 easy steps

    Caring for an Orchid is pretty easy provided you don’t kill them first!
  • How to Water an Orchid

    Learning how to water orchids correctly is kind of tricky but getting it right will lead to lots of booms and healthy orchids