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Snow queen vs marble queen pothos: What's the difference?

December 10, 2021 2 min read

snow queen and marble queen pothos

Snow queen and marble queen pothos are varieties of Epipremnum aureum, or pothos plant. Both are variegated with pale marks and share similar leaf shapes. They look alike in many respects but there are subtle differences between them. Here's how to tell them apart. 

Snow queen pothos. This is a heavily variegated example and the snow queen can have more green than this Keith Simmons

Marble queen pothos generally has fewer markings than the snow queen that are also creamier in shade Severin Candrian

Snow queen has whiter markings than marble queen 

 As its name would suggest, the snow queen's white marks are much brighter and starker than those of the marble queen, which features creamier shades.

Marble queen grows taller than the snow queen 

Marble queen can reach heights of up to 5 ft while the snow queen can only reach around 3.2 ft. 

You can limit vertical growth by choosing not to repot your plants into larger pots for a couple of seasons. Keeping pothos in slightly smaller pots is fine since this species actually likes having its roots slightly confined. 

The snow queen has more white markings

The snow queen's leaves are almost completely blanched. The marble queen is visibly warmer and greener in hue because much less of the leaves' surface area is variegated. 

The snow queen is a faster grower than the marble queen 

Snow queen pothos care doesn't differ too much from the other pothos varieties  But if you have a snow queen pothos, chances are you will be pruning unruly vines back more often than with the marble queen. As a faster grower, the snow queen pothos is slightly more demanding. 

The snow queen has slightly pointier leaves

The leaves on both varieties are heart-shaped but the snow queen's tips are slightly sharper. 

In summary.....

In general, the names of these two pothos varieties capture their differences well. The imperious snow queen is the pointier, more vigorous, and fussier version of the marble queen. Its much more intensely white markings make for a dramatic visual display. The marble pothos is a subtler variegated pothos cultivar that demands slightly less care. 


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