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From Plant Killer To Mother of Houseplants: Plant Enthusiast Bre

November 27, 2019 2 min read

Photo credit @plantgirl_50

Stay at home mom, Bre lives in the Southwest with her two kids, two dogs, and a goldfish! Initially, it was her mother's influence which instilled a love for gardening in Bre. We can all thank her mom later. Even at a young age, her mom had the skills to design a space filled with plants even before any roots touched the ground!

 After 15 years of taking care of her two and four-legged children and working in phenomenal fields like interior design and massage therapy, Bre is getting back to her true love PLANTS, by finishing her degree in Botany! Her plant babies are her true passion (apart from those she gave birth to herself) and she feels like there is so much we can learn from nature!

 For years Bre believed she had the cursed "black thumb", you know that special skillset a handful of us have to just kill any plant; and her husband would laugh every time she brought another victim home from the plant store.

Plantgirl_50Photo credit Bre @plantgirl_50

Bre says " I would say to my mom “I wish I had your Green Thumb” and she would always respond with there is no such thing as a green thumb, only a dirty one!” Looking back I see how true that is! I never gave up, and about seven years ago I succeeded with some indoor succulents, so then I bought some cacti which did great! I proceeded to obtain some other houseplants and as they say, the rest is history!

Bre told us cacti is by far one of her favorite plant species because of their resilience. She does enjoy most houseplants and recently delved into the orchid realm! We all know how fun that is, they are about as temperamental as a mother in law!

Bre also enjoys propagating because it gives her an excuse to share them with her friends and family!

Check out Bre's Instagram at @plantgirl_50! She is also working on a blog, YAY and has some amazing videos on IGTV that are a must-watch for any plant lover!

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