Make an Evergreen Christmas Wreath at Home

Christmas Wreath
Build a homemade Christmas wreath in three steps!
Wreath-making is a fun family activity for the holiday season. Artificial shop-bought versions just never have the same charm. It’s simpler than it looks too - just a matter of layering branches along a circular frame and adding seasonal embellishments.
evergreen wreath


Check out Garden Answers’ detailed video guide on how to build your wreath.

What you’ll need: 

  • A wreath frame 
  • Evergreen branches
  • Seasonal sprigs: holly, ivy, mistletoe
  • Garden wire 
  • Scissors 
  • Decoration: cinnamon sticks, dried citrus, glitter – anything you fancy

Step one: Collect branches and sprigs


Any evergreen branches will work for the main body of the wreath: cedar, cypress, spruce or fir. You can obtain branches and sprigs from your backyard, local garden store or florist, or while out and about. 

Collect pinecones, cinnamon sticks and dried citrus slices as well as sprigs of winter berries – beautyberry, mistletoe, holly - for decorative embellishments.

Step two: Covering the frame

making of wreath

First, cut all the branches to a manageable even length of around 15 – 20 cm, depending on the diameter of your wreath frame.

Next, create a small evergreen bundle by bunching together various branches and berry sprigs. Tie the bundle with a bit of wire. Attach the bundle anywhere on the frame by tightly winding garden wire around the stems. 

Make your second evergreen bundle. Attach it to the frame with the garden wire. Make sure this second bundle slightly overlaps the bottom of the first bundle. 

Keep making bundles and attaching them to the frame until the entire frame is covered with overlapping bundles. You can also leave a gap in the foliage for a large decorative bow.

Once you’re done, you have a basic wreath to decorate.

Step Three: Decorating the wreath

Once you have the main wreath covered in foliage, get creative with decorations


Arrange dried citrus slices, pinecones and cinnamon sticks around the wreath. (Here’s how to dry citrus slices),6%20hours%20or%20until%20completely%20dry.%20More%20 

Attach the decorations using hot glue.

You can complete the wreath by gluing an electric candle to the bottom of the wreath.

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