Monstera Adansonii/Swiss Cheese Plant Growth Guide

Monstera Adansonii

This tutorial shows to grow a monster Monstera with Keiki paste. 

Monstera are a favourite of houseplant lovers. The most popular varieties are Adansonii which have hole-y leaves and Deliciosa which has leaves with toothed edges. 

Larger monstera are pricey. It’s cheaper (and more rewarding) to nurture a smaller Monstera into leafy splendour. Keiki paste will help by encouraging new growth quickly.

Follow these steps for a Monstera jungle at home. 

1.  Select nodes

Nodes are parts of stems where new shoots and leaves emerge. On Monstera, nodes show up as faint rings. Often, shoots grow just above or below these rings. Sometimes, a dark dot will mark the spot as in the photo below.

monsterra nodes monstera adansonii

2.  Apply the Keiki paste 

Take a tiny amount of Keiki paste onto a cotton bud. Swab the paste onto each node. 


3.  Wait

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