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Houseplant Instagrams to follow now

September 07, 2021 2 min read

So many plant accounts, so little time. Here are our favorites that every indoor gardener should follow. 

Soil free fam

A magnet for the soilless planting community. Despite its many advantages, soilless gardening is still far from mainstream so this account will help get you started. A wealth of information on planting without soil with lots of inspiring display ideas


Pothos and Pinot 

Bianca, a Florida resident, combines practical gardening tips with luscious foliage shots. She posts many simple houseplant hacks in video tutorial form. Her beautiful collection of healthy plants will keep you motivated to stay on top of gardening chores.



A well-photographed Tokyo-based account. Full of care tips and aesthetic inspiration with clean, minimalist photos. You can get advice on many individual species in the stories.

What makes this account stand out is how often the author asks their audience for growing tips, giving a sense that you are sharing in the journey of another amateur gardening enthusiast.


Two Plant Mamas 

An entertaining plant parent account run by two friends that revel in the joys of their houseplant obsession. Lots of humour about the foibles of houseplant fanatics. 



Wild About Plants 

Tired of monstera? If you are seeking more unusual plants, look at this beautiful account by an aroid enthusiast. You can scroll through anthuriums and aroids of all shapes and colors with lots of interesting hybrid varieties. 



Known plantaholic

Run by a 26 year old 'Plantaholic' who has turned his home into a plant palace. With practical story video tutorials on everything from re-potting to plant memes, this is ideal for novice indoor gardeners. 



Cute hand-painted terracotta pots in bright, unique designs. Great for gifts. 




An account for the weird and wonderful. This beautifully photographed account is perfect for the more adventurous indoor gardener - it veers towards orchids and rarer species like amorphophallus atroviridis, episcia, and the dead tree plant.



A microbusiness selling hand-painted terracotta pots in intricate botanical designs



Stay on top of the LA plant scene with the LA Times' very own plant section. Posts on local plant sales, urban gardening tips, and hiking recommendations throughout California. 



Our instagram is packed full of inspiring tutorials our from our customers using Keiki Paste and other products. We love sharing pictures that inspire us and 

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