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How to Grow a Hoya Plant with Keiki Paste

April 05, 2021 2 min read

hoya carnosa with keiki paste

This three-step tutorial shows you how to grow new shoots and leaves on yourHoya Carnosa (wax plant) with Keiki paste. 

hoya houseplant

Hoya have exploded in popularity in recent years. Their delicate, geometric flowers are their main appeal. 

The Hoya Carnosa is originally from East Asia and is a trailing plant ideal for hanging baskets. If given enough sunlight, its fragrant flowers will bloom in early summer in a spherical arrangement.  

With Keiki paste you can encourage more shoots to grow, potentially meaning more flowers can develop. 

Step 1: Find nodes

 First, select ‘nodes’ to apply the Keiki paste to. Nodes are parts of the plant where new leaves emerge from. Keiki paste contains growth hormones that give the dormant buds a boost.

Here is a closeup of two Hoya Carnosa nodes. Keiki Paste works best on supple green stems like these. 

Hoya nodes

Step 2: Apply Keiki paste to nodes

Dip a cotton bud in the Keiki paste and dab the paste onto the nodes. You only need a tiny amount. 

Step 3: Wait

The Keiki paste can take up to a month to work. During this time, place the plant in optimal light conditions. The Hoya Carnosa does best in bright indirect sunlight. 

Hoya prefer temperatures between 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit (18-24 degrees Celsius). They prefer humid conditions, so mist with a spray bottle every day.

Add a dose of fertilizer right after you use the paste to help the plant push out new growth. In winter, add only a very dilute dose as the plant needs very little food during its dormant period.

Make sure the top half-inch of the soil is completely dry before watering. 

Soon, you will see new shoots and leaves emerging from the nodes you applied the paste to. 

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