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How to Take Care of Succulents

July 26, 2022 4 min read

succulent carePhoto by Element5 Digital httpswww.pexels.comphotogreen-succulent-plants-on-pots-1470171

We all like these little green plants called succulents! Keeping them alive and fresh is a task to manage daily. Providing them the care and conditions to survive can also benefit your health. They are the easiest plants to take care of. Moreover, they look beautiful indoors and outdoors. 

How to Care for Succulents Outdoors?

There are many factors that you need to consider while taking care of your succulents outdoors. Such factors are discussed as follows


The ideal temperature for succulents is between 40 to 80F. These hardy plants need to be tucked up indoors during extreme weather conditions. As the weather goes above the range, it can kill succulents. 

Water and Fertiliser

It is recommended to water succulents once a week in summers, twice a month in spring and autumn, and once a month in winters. It’s best to keep the plant on the dry side and provide the roots with enough drainage. 

They need balanced liquid fertiliser that is diluted to half strength. Apply it once or twice during spring and autumn and can be applied for summer-dormant varieties. 

Sun and Shade

Sun depends more on the location you are living in. Succulents require adequate sunlight for their balanced growth. Different varieties of succulents require more sun, like cacti, yuccas, and aloes, and other types require less sun, like less protective pigmented succulents: variegated (striped) succulents. 

Generally, succulents need half a day of full sun (full sun in the morning and then shade for the rest of the day). The sunburn of the succulents appears as brown patches, which can kill the plant. 

Pot and Soil

succulentsPhoto by Gary  Barnes:

The ideal soil for succulents is the coarse and fast-draining mix. You can use it both insucculent pots and ground. But remember, soil types vary for different regions and even within your area. But there is a formula for in-ground plantation of succulents:

  • 1/3 garden soil
  • 1/3 compost
  • 1/3 pumice 

Add sharp sand (large-grained sand). Also, you need fast-draining soil, meaning everyday compost won’t work. It is good to use pots with drainage holes. In this way, over-watering can be avoided. 

Pest Control

Pests are the unwelcome guests to the succulents. Gnats and mealybugs are attracted to the damped soil and fertilisers. If you find any pests, you need to empty the pot first to prevent them from spreading further. Then mix up a solution of one part water with one part of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Spray this mixture on the pests and soil. Put the succulents back in the pot after assuring that they are free from pests. 


  1. Why Is My Succulent Dying?

Usually, the succulent plant dies due to overwatering. These plants are sensitive to much moisture, which results in rot roots, and the plant dies. Too much dryness does the loss too. In hot weather, if you don’t check on your succulent’s moisture level, then there are chances that your plant dies. 

Another reason for dying is due to the hard-baked potting soil. It causes water to dry from the soil’s surface without penetrating correctly. Water doesn’t reach the roots well and dries out the leaves.

Check succulents’ space for roots in pots, their drainage, warmth, sunlight, pests, and the nutrients they need to grow. 

  1. How to Replant Succulents?

Just follow these steps to replant succulents:

  • Step 1: Remove dirt from the roots
  • Step 2: Break roots (if needed)
  • Step 3: Choose where to replant them: pots or ground
  • Step 4: For pots (fertilise them well)

Keep a good quality pot to keep them alive. Fertilise them properly in the pot or around the soil in the ground area. 

  • Step 5: keep the succulents alike in one area.

It means you need to keep one variety of succulents together. The sun, water, and shade all their requirements should be fulfilled together so that you might not worry much. 

  1. How to Plant Succulent Cuttings?

For cuttings, you require:

Tool: pruning shears

Material: succulent soil, small pot, succulent plant 

  • Take the cutting: Make an even cut with a pruning shear to separate it from the plant, leaving about 1 inch of the stem that is exposed for planting. 
  • Let the cutting be callous for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you should heal the stem, not wet it, so it will be ready to plant again.
  • Plant the cutting: start preparing a small pot with draining soil. Make a small hole in the centre and place the stem there. 
  • Start watering your succulent once the roots sprouts
  • The succulent plant grows slowly, so have some patience!
outdoor succulentsPhoto by Madison Inouye:

Final Thoughts 

The succulent plant is the most uncomplicated yet most decorative plant to keep in the house. They have many health benefits as well. Planting succulents can be alifestyle. There is an old saying, life succs without plants :)

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