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How To Style Houseplants Like A Pro

August 11, 2023 3 min read

How To Style Houseplants Like A Pro

No Clue How To Style Your Houseplants? We’re Here To Help!

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How To Style Houseplants

So you want to work on expanding your home decor to houseplants, but have no clue how to style them? That’s okay, it’s not a natural ability one has but there are some things you can do to help you learn how to do it!  

Real Or Faux Plants?

Both! As nice as real houseplants are, they can also be a lot of work. If you want to take baby steps, adding a mix of real houseplants and fake ones is a great idea. With time you can switch out fake houseplants for real ones!  There is such a thing as real-looking faux houseplants, which may be what you should invest in if you are planning on doing something like decorating a tall shelf or something else high up, that doesn’t require you to get up and down a step ladder just to water them. 

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What To Shop For

When learning how to style your houseplants, it isn’t necessarily about what pots they are in but rather what they look like. When shopping for your indoor plant decor, real-looking faux plants, or real ones it is best to keep an eye out for things like color, shapes of leaves, and patterns. This allows you to purchase a variety of different, interesting-looking plants so you aren’t filling your indoor spaces with the same shade of green - unless you want that, of course. Look for succulents with thick leaves or interesting growth patterns, plants that grow upward, and ones that send vines trailing down, etc. 

While shopping it is also wise to remember that you should be picking plants that vary in size, as well as shape! Much like photography, levels are used to create an aesthetically pleasing image. Levels mean different heights, so smaller in the front and bigger in the back (think grade school class photos, the tall kids went in the back while the shorter ones went in the front!). That being said, don't be afraid to have a corner of plants on your bookshelf on display with some taller ones in the back, and shorter-medium ones in the front. Oversized plants should be paired with a smaller one next to or in front of it. This also goes with picking different pot sizes for your plants! 

Display Tips and Tricks

So you have done your shopping, and all that’s left is to place them where you want which seems daunting at first but it’s a lot easier than it looks. In addition to using levels, you can also disperse where you place your plants! A larger plant can go up on top of a bookshelf whereas a smaller one can be like a bookend of sorts for your small stack of books you’re collecting in a cubby. Bigger plants can be hung from the ceiling while a small one goes on your nightstand or side table as decor there, the possibilities are indeed endless. Creating a garden wall might even be something you’d like! 

The pots you picked for your plants to grow (or perhaps pretend to grow) matter here as well. You may want more modern flower pots compared to your traditional flowerpots, a vase is also an option if you want to use one because they can be slimmer or wider to take up more space if need be. Plant pots also come in various colors and shapes, so be sure to utilize those bright sunshine yellows and neon blue flower pots you have to brighten up a space. You can even DIY some pots you find are too plain with spray paint if desired. 

Mixing plants into your modern decor is also quite popular, by adding some greenery to your shelves above your bed to ones on the board above your desk. Faux real-looking plants also add a pop of color to your bathroom, so don’t be afraid to add some in there as well!

If you are interested in learning more ways to display and style your houseplants these blogs may be of assistance to you, so check ‘em out!  Best Ways to Display Air Plans in 10 Minutes or Less & Pot it Like it’s Hot: Best Plants for Apartments

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