How To Make a Real Evergreen Wreath


The quintessential winter holiday decoration, evergreen wreaths bring comfort, coziness, and a deliciously fragrant scent into the home. They are easy to put together and make awesome Christmas presents. Use them to adorn the front door, the fireplace, or as part of a table centerpiece.


  • Fresh Spruce branches
  • Twine
  • Garden Shears

Steps for making a 7" diameter wreath

  1. Cut long branches off a spruce tree. A few need to be longer than the others and flexible as they will form the wreath base. 
  2. Cut a 6' long piece of twine. 
  3. Bend one of the longer branches carefully into a circle. If the circle created is longer than 7", trim the branch. 
  4. Tie the two ends of the branch tightly together with the 6' piece of twine and leave the extra length as a tail. 
  5. Trim off 4-6" pieces from the unused branches.
  6. Gather 3 of the trimmed off pieces and bunch them together. Tie them tightly to the wreath base at an angle with the twine that is hanging loose.
  7. Pass the twine back through the tie to further secure it.
  8. Repeat tieing groups of 3 pieces to the wreath base, spacing the groups 2" apart, using the long piece of twine (don't cut it!)
  9. Continue until the wreath base is full. 
  10. That's it!
  11. Wreaths can be further decorated with bows, holiday ornaments, or pine cones.

Material for Wreath of Evergreen

Alternate Material Options

Instead of using a spruce branch for the base, use a pre-fabricated Wire Wreath Form. These can be found inexpensively at most craft stores. 

The twine can be substituted with 24 Gauge Floral Wire.

Wreath out of Evergreen


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