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How to Make A Houseplant Journal

August 04, 2023 3 min read

How to Make A Houseplant Journal


Journaling For Plant Lovers

houseplant journal

What Is A Houseplant Journal? 


A houseplant journal is exactly what it sounds like: a place to journal all about houseplants. Houseplant journals are a great way to keep track of what you learn about your plants as well as having a space for you to jot down information to help you take better care of them! 


There is no right way to have a journal in general, so keep that in mind when creating your houseplant journal. That being said, below there are some tips you can use to craft your journal to your liking. 


Get To Know The Basics


A houseplant journal keeps a record of the growth of your plants and helps you to plan, organize, and better understand your care routine. This means you can write down things like reminders about watering and fertilizing or showcasing your love for plants, by writing about what you grow in your indoor garden. 


Now it is important to stress once again that these journals are all customizable to your personal preferences and/or needs. You can set up your houseplant journal however you wish, whether that be filled to the brim with various information, barely any dried leaves and stems and drawings, or filled up with doodles and dried leaves and stems and bullet form information. 


What Type Of Journal Should I Use? 


Once again the type of journal you wish to use boils down to personal preferences for there are various needs you can have that not every type of notebook will have. For example: 


A blank journal: allows room for art, dried leaves and stems, and lots of writing


A lined journal: can be filled with writing and fewer doodles, dried leaves/stems and other stuff of the sort but there is potential for those. 


A three-ringed binder: pages can be added in easily, as well as pocket folders or other ways to display your dried leaves/stems. 

Steps To Create A Houseplant Journal


If you are somebody who needs to follow some steps, or guidelines on how to go about setting up things like a houseplant journal, here are some good places to start. 

create houseplant journal

Create sections for every plant you are growing. 


This allows you to organize your thoughts, your care schedule, and other important information for each plant and keep it organized. If you are using a traditional journal you can use sticky notes or tab stickers to create these sections, whereas with a binder you can easily use the dividers that you can buy for classes.

Create a calendar for each plant. 


This makes it easy to see when you need to water next and keep track of fertilizing, pruning, rotating and other things you need to do for the specific plant. If you plan on tracking multiple types of information, it is a good idea to create a legend based on colors, symbols, or other ways to track how often you water, fertilize, and so on. For example, you can color code. Meaning that you can use a blue highlighter to mark the days when you’ve watered your plant, a yellow marker to mark the days when you’ve pruned the leaves, and so on. 

Take notes on what works (and doesn’t) for your plant.


In each section it is important to take down notes for your various trial and errors regarding your care for that plant, so you can reference them. 

Adding different sources of media. 


It is optional but perhaps taking the time to add some pictures/doodles/dried leaves etc. in some parts of your journal may be helpful to you. 

Maintaining your journal.


Of course, maintaining your journal as it is very important to aid you in your plant care journey. The houseplant journal should be a great resource for you - and maybe even those close to you if they are also plant lovers, so it is a good idea to set some time aside often to add to it. 



Finding Stuff To Add


Finding stuff to add to your houseplant journal shouldn’t be a struggle. There are always ideas online for what to add to your journal, sometimes even basic plant information. Some of which you can find here under Houseplants for Beginners: Best Indoor Houseplants for Beginners!


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