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Gifts For Your Favourite Plant Lover

December 15, 2022 2 min read

gifts for plant lovers

Gifts For Your Favourite Plant Lover 

Some Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers 

In Need Of Some Gift Ideas For The Plant Lovers In Your Life?   

With the holiday season approaching, there are certainly some people who are trickier to buy for than others. If you have some plant lovers in your life these gift ideas for them may come in handy for your Christmas shopping needs. 

plant lover gifts

1. Essential Garden Tote Bag and Tools

Tote Bags are always nice to have on hand when out and about, so having one for all your essential garden needs would be extra helpful. There are many tote bags out there for gardening, likethis oneon amazon, or perhapsthis one that comes with tools

2. Gardener-Friendly Spa Gift Set

Gardening doesn’t have to mean messy, dirty hands, so there are sets likethis floral-patterned weeder glove spa set that comes with gloves and matching soap.There are also sets likethis one that comes with shea butter moisturizing cream, a boar-bristle brush with pumice, and gardener's soap for an allover hand and body treatment. The best part  is that it all comes in a matching floral print (reusable) canvas bag! No need for gift wrap, you can just add a bow. If you wanted to make a little spa kit to give, you could even combine both the glove spa setand the gardener hand gift set. 

3. Plant Displays

 Plant lovers more often than not will always need more space, and love to show off their plants. There are various ways to display ones favourite plants. Here are some great suggestions for Christmas gifts this holiday season.

4. Plant Themed Room Decor 

Maybe the person you need a gift or two for doesn’t necessarily need any of the aforementioned pieces but they want some plant-lover-themed items ーthey could even just be starting their plant-lover journey so they don’t need all the planters or tools yet. That being said, some plant-themed room decor is the perfect gift! 

Some Other Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers

Of course, there are other gift ideas, such asthese houseplant-related books, or plant themed clothes and accessories such asthese socks that plan trees,these "Dogs, Coffee & Plants" Sweatshirt,"For Gardeners" Necklace & much more! 

plant lover

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