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Easy to care for Plants with Big Impact

June 29, 2022 2 min read

plants easy care

Spider plants, philodendron and peperomia are favorites for beginner gardeners. These plants produce reliable foliage year after year even with a little neglect. However, even busy or inexperienced indoor gardeners might still crave plants with more visual impact. Some stand-out plants require time-consuming care but this isn't always the case. Here are our five top picks for beautiful easy-care houseplants.

Polka Dot Begonia (Begonia maculata)

Gabriella Clare Marino

If your plant shelf is looking a little drab, you can easily cheer it up with the fun Polka Dot Begonia. Its arrow-shaped leaves flecked with joyful white dots that appear painted on pack a real decorative punch.

Unlike many unusual-looking houseplants, the polka dot begonia does not need tons of air humidity. As long as the air humidity remains about 45 percent, which is about average for most indoor spaces, it will be happy.

Aglaonema ‘Red Star’


The aglaonema 'Red Star''s pastel pink leaves make it one of the most beautiful plants out there. Its fairytale foliage is nowhere near as demanding as it looks. Although you shouldn't put it in a very dark north-facing spot, it will retain its bright color in partially-shaded east and west-facing positions. Low air humidity is also not a problem for this wonder-plant.

Cordyline fruticosa 'Mambo'

This is another undemanding red-tone plant that can give you the indoor tropical paradise you've always dreamed of. The mambo's glossy foliage offers a shimmering delight of purple to pink shades. It will thrive in partially shaded positions and requires an average amount of water. Four to six doses of fertilizer over the spring and summer is enough to keep its colors bright.

Sansevieria cylindrica 'Straight'

The ruler-straight spikes of the Sansevieria cylindrica will be a nice addition to a partially shaded corner of a modern, minimalist room. This is perhaps one of the easiest plants on this list because all Sansevieria plants require very little watering and doesn't mind dry air. In fact, these plants are so drought-tolerant that you are more likely to damage them through over-watering rather than under-watering.

String of Pearls (Curio rowleyanus)

Jennifer Burk

The string of pearls offers a dense mass of cascading bobbles that will add a decorative flourish to shelves, hanging baskets, and windowsills. While they thrive in bright sunlight, these succulents also grow in partially-shaded spots. East-facing positions are best because it will provide a few hours of gentle morning sun each day. As long as you give it enough sunlight, this plant needs very little maintenance. Because it hails from desert climates, it is very forgiving if you forget to water it from time to time.

Maranta / Prayer plant (Maranta leuconeura)


The maranta's psychedelic foliage are a joy to behold. Its bold pink veins and intricate patterning make it look a lot fussier than it is. This is a great  option for partially shaded or shaded spaces. The only thing to remember is to make sure the soil never dries out completely. Check out how you can use Keiki Paste to achieve more stems and leaves on your maranta with our guide.

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