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Best marketplaces for finding new houseplants

April 11, 2022 3 min read

houseplants marketplace

Online plant shops are the easiest way to source the rarest and trendiest houseplants, as well as old favorites. You'll never know what you'll find as you browse, and stumbling on new botanical finds is part of the fun. Below, we’ve found the five best online houseplant marketplaces.

Rest assured that sellers will package your new plants to prevent any damage during transit. Usually, sellers ship plants without the soil to save on delivery costs so you’ll have to pot new arrivals up immediately.

With so many plants at your fingertips, it can be tempting to take on one too many. For that, you can read our guide on simplifying houseplant chores.


plantlyJacob Spaccavento

Plantly is the plant lover's Etsy - a platform that features a huge range of independent sellers. You can look for specific species on sale but if you're interested in shopping around, you can browse plants by type. Listings are grouped under succulents, trailing plants, festive plants, plants for specific rooms, and more. Sellers are rated on a five-star customer review system.

Houseplant shop

Kaufmann Mercantile

Houseplant shop is a one-stop-shop for the indoor gardening enthusiast. On top of a huge range of houseplants (including very rare ones), you can find plant seeds and gardening accessories too. The search interface allows you to filter by lighting needs, type, genus, and plant size. Pet-friendly plants are also clearly labeled. If you can't get enough houseplants but don't have the time to browse the local nursery, you can choose between 11 different subscription houseplant boxes. Each contains various plants along with care cards.

Leaf and Clay

Yen Vu

If you want to expand your succulent collection or fit out modern interiors in the latest plant fashions, Leaf and Clay is the place to go. Their succulent packs, available in quantities of 6 or 12, are a great way to update your collection instantly. Their echeveria range is particularly huge and these easy-care succulents are a great way to inject color into your space. There are some more unusual succulents on the list as well, like the stumpy Baby Toes or the Stone Plant which is closely related to the Lithops genus. Their tropical plant selection focuses on ornate calathea and alocasia species.

The Sill

the sillArt and Soil Bangalore

The Sill offers all the firm favorites of the houseplant world. They have a magnificent selection of low-maintenance species that work in pretty much any space. These include many palm and ficus varieties, both known to be ideal beginner plants. Pet-friendly options are helpfully marked. A great feature is their ‘bundles’ which set you up with a couple of plants geared towards specific lighting conditions or level of gardening skill. This is a great way to fill your space in one go. Check out their many ceramic planters in fetching, simple designs.

Léon & George

Léon & GeorgeSpacejoy
Léon & George cater to plant lovers with huge apartments on the Upper West Side that need filling with greenery. Their search filter allows you to find 7ft giants for turning your loft space into an urban jungle. Even if you are working with a smaller space, this website has a lot to offer, with small, friendly favorites on the menu too. Their great selling point is the quality of their plants, which are handpicked from a select pool of growers and nurtured with VIP care using all-natural soap, fertilizers, and insecticides. Léon & George also sell hand-made, small-batch planters that make superb gifts.

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