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Beginners Guide To Houseplants

February 07, 2023 3 min read

beginners guide

Beginners Guide To Houseplants

A Guide To Houseplants For Beginners

Get In The Know!

When learning something new sometimes one can be inundated with information and various dos and don’ts 一 so let's get back to the basics. 

Indoor vs Outdoor

Indoor plants are plants that grow indoors. There are a variety of tropical plants, like palms, that thrive in indoor environments. Outdoor plants are plants that grow outdoors in things like flowerbeds and things of that nature. There are certain plants that are indoor only and some that are outdoor only, and a good way to remember that is to think of them like you would animals. There are some animals that are wild animals, whereas you have some animals that can be housepets! Now indoor plants are already in containers, so there is usually no need to plant them. However, the two main reasons peopledoplant them are: the plant is getting too big, then you will need to replant it into a larger container, and if you wanted to grow bulbs indoors, then you will need to plant the bulbs yourself.


What Are Houseplants? 

Dracaena, Hedera Helix, Sansevieria Zeylanica Superba and Scindapsus are usually considered houseplants, but they aren’t the only ones mind you. Plants that require a low amount of light and water to thrive are typically known as indoor plants Some more kinds of indoor plants are Aglaonema, Ferns, Philodendrons, Palms, Pothos, Spathiphyllum and of course Succulents! Good indoor plants will tolerate lower light and humidity. Also, they will be less likely to deal with pests. Plus, they usually do not grow too much which is great for indoor spaces. It is important to note that succulents and cacti need continuous, daily sunlight. Plants with foliage need roughly 8 hours of light per day. The amount of light depends on the plants you are growing, so research on your houseplant types and needs should be done.

What Qualities Make For A Good Houseplant?

A good root system – This is incredibly important when choosing a plant. It’s not practical to pull a plant out of its pot to check its roots but if it is a small plant, this can be done. Healthy roots are thick and light in color.

Foliage- Here’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to plant foliage: if you can’t see through it, the foliage is thick enough.

Check for disease – Some signs of a plant with pests or disease are: white dots, sticky residue on the leaves and a bad odor.

Which Houseplants Require Low Light?

Philodendron – A very common indoor plant that rarely attracts pests. It’s a hearty plant that is adaptable to various environments

Pothos or Devil’s Ivy- A plant with colorful and vibrant leaves. This plant does great in a variety of environments, thriving in low light or in bright, indirect light.

Dracaena– This is another popular indoor plant with long green leaves. This is one indoor plant you will want to prune if the foliage gets too long.

Peace Lily- This plant thrives best when the soil is moist, but not overwatered. If you want flowers to appear on your peace lily plant, move your plant to a darker room.

Which Houseplants Are The Easiest To Take Care Of?

Sansevieria, Philodendron, Most succulents, Pothos and a ZZ plant are some of the easiest Houseplants to take care of. Some tips when it comes to houseplants: Keep the potting soil moist- It’s important to make sure the soil is not too wet nor too dry. Make sure the plant pot has drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Place your plant near a light source, whether it’s natural or artificial. Determine what species of plant you have so you can more accurately care for it.

For some more information targeted to beginners check out these articles!5 Best Plants for First-time House Plant Owners &How to Care for Houseplants Growing in Water

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