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5 Tik Tok Plant Creators to follow

January 25, 2023 1 min read

tiktok to follow

5 Tik Tok Plant Creators to follow

Tiktok Plant Creators You Should Follow

Tiktok Plant Creator Accounts   

Tiktok has thousands of little corners of communities within the app, and plant lovers are no different. If you wanna end up on #planttok, here are 5 accounts you should follow! 

plants on tiktok


Ran by an NYC resident with over 200 houseplants you can find plant care tips as well as Q&A’s as well as many other things that every plant parent can relate to! 

indoor plants


Succulents, succulents and more succulents! This account is succulent central for there are lots of tips on propagating, repotting, and rescuing these indoor houseplants. This Tiktok creator is perfect for any succulent lovers. 

potted plant


If you love comedy, fluffy white dogs and plants this account is perfect for you! Ran by a guy who clearly loves creating plant content for like-minded people so there's always some sort of content being shared from tips and tricks to plant comedy. 

indoor jungle


Again, if succulents are your main plant of choice this account may be handy for you. From a “succulent mom” of 40 succulents, there is absolutely no shortage of tips, ideas and general succulent-themed posts. 



In need of some general plant influencer content? Garden Marcus is the perfect account. The author of “How to Grow” offers some great plant advice and content for your feed. 


For some more resources on where to get new houseplants please check outBest marketplaces for finding new houseplants

influencer to follow

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