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We know you are obsessed as we are with all things houseplant. We grow plants, read about plants, talk to our plants, and invite them all to prosper in our homes. It's nice to know we aren't the only infatuated folks out there. Here are a few of our favorite houseplant blogs that talk about all our favorite things. 

the houseplant guru, best houseplant blog

The Houseplant Guru                                                                                           

Lisa's knowledge is prolific and extensive. Her blog posts tend to focus on one plant or issue at a time, which I appreciate. From "African Violet Care" to "What Is The Function of Aerial Roots" to "Six Plants That Will Survive in a Dorm Room," the articles are always on point and well-researched. She even has a Ponytail Palm that went with her to college in 1984 and is still thriving. That is dedication! And the sign of a true plant expert and enthusiast. Lisa has been blogging since 2011 and posts 1x/month, so there is a lot of content.

houseplant journal, best houseplant blog

Houseplant Journal

This blog is unique and fascinating. Darryl Cheng embraces plants like children, reminding us all that we are parents to these living entities in our homes. And we are solely responsible for their care. Each blog post dishes advice on how to be a better parent and provide the best environment for our babies. The writing is conversational, informative, and always on point. Start with "Plant Parenthood 101" and follow Darryl on his journey, creating the best home for his plants. 

green grow, best houseplant blog

Green Grow                                                                                                            (https://greengrowblog.wordpress.com/ )

This is a photo journal blog and a welcome change from the overly chatty, busy blogs that populate the internet. First of all, the pictures are gorgeous. Second, there are no ads or other distractions to clog or interrupt the story. What I love most about this blog is the picture progressions for each plant.  The "Chinese Money Plant" post shows the author's plant in January 2018 when it is a baby. Every few months, new pictures are taken to show the growth until it is a much larger, mature plant, a year later. There's nothing quite like living vicariously through someone's plant parenthood. Nothing is held back; if the plant is struggling, the pictures reflect that so we can all learn. Plant journaling since 2017, this blog has lots to show and lots to share.

jane perrone, best houseplant blog

On The Ledge                                                                                                       

A real houseplant devotee, Jane Perrone hosts a blog and a podcast. Both are fabulous. The blog focuses more on resources and not so much specific houseplant growing or care. Topics include advice on how to choose a low-maintenance houseplant, where to buy houseplants, and how to choose gifts for the plant-obsessed. The podcast, on the other hand, is full of interviews with experts and advice for caring for specific plants. 

epic garden, best houseplant blog

Epic Gardening                                                                                                      (https://www.epicgardening.com/houseplants/)

This blog is epic, indeed. Kevin, the man behind the greenery, has been blogging since 2011 and covers all things plants. This blog isn't just about houseplants. However, the section on specific houseplants is proliferous and instructive. Posts like "Haworthia Attenuata Care: How to Grow the Zebra Plant" and "Rabbit's Foot Fern: Care for Davallia Fejeensis" provide all you need to know to be successful. The advice is easy-to-follow and is especially useful for new plant parents.

Do you have a favorite houseplant blog? We'd love to hear about it.


  • All of these are pretty forgiving first time starter plants!

    Southside Plants
  • Oh thank you for writing about this. I just recently decided that i want to be a house plant mom and had no clue where to start or what to get. This was helpful, I read another article that had some extras as well, https://www.ez.insure/landing/2020/04/indoor-plants-for-your-home/ Thoughts?? Aloe would be nice to have


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