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10 Houseplants For Low Light

September 15, 2023 3 min read

10 Houseplants For Low Light

Need Houseplants that like low light?

low light plants

  1. English Ivy

English ivy can spread as a ground cover outdoors. Indoors however, if you place your English ivy in a location that receives indirect light as a low-light indoor plant, it simply offers a beautiful trailing effect of small and dainty green leaves. Be careful where you let English ivy grow, it's toxic to humans and pets.


  1. Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron plants have a well-deserved reputation as being indestructible houseplants. They can tolerate all kinds of neglect, including a lack of light and water. But ideally, you should water them when you can stick your finger in the soil and it feels dry. When it comes to light, keep them away from direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves.

  1. Peace Lily

What they do need is ample water or else the foliage will wilt however, watering will usually perk up wilted foliage. These shade-loving plants should be placed somewhere that receives indirect light. Keep the plant away from children and pets because they are also toxic to them.

  1. Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern is a popular low-light indoor plant that adds a pop of green to a space. These ferns do need consistently moist, but not soggy, soil to thrive. They also like a warm, humid environment, along with a location that doesn’t receive direct sunlight.

  1. ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that can technically survive even without natural sunlight. This is why you’ll find it in many windowless offices! The plant does best with bright, indirect light. These plants also can tolerate drought well and should be allowed to dry out between waterings. Please note that these are also not safe for pets or children. 

  1. Philodendron

Philodendrons are popular houseplants due to their ease of care and ability to add a jungle-like vibe to a space with their long green vines and heart-shaped leaves. Be sure to regularly dust the vines to keep them looking their best. A window that receives bright but indirect sunlight is ideal indoors. These plants can tolerate low-light settings but might experience leggy stem growth with sparse foliage. Again, these plants aren’t safe for kids or pets. 

  1. Anthurium

Anthurium, also called the flamingo flower, is a genus of tropical plants with bright flowers and lush foliage. These plants can be grown indoors in high humidity and consistently moist but not soggy soil. A location that receives bright, indirect light is best, but direct sunlight can burn the leaves. Keep these plants away from children and pets due to their toxic nature.

  1. The Prayer Plant

The prayer plant is a small, low-growing tropical plant that grows well indoors if you provide it with warmth and humidity. These plants are quite tolerant to low-light conditions, and direct sunlight can burn their foliage. A window that provides bright, indirect light is ideal.

  1. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Grown in either water or soil, lucky bamboo plants are suitable plants for offices and homes. These plants are also an important element of feng shui practice. Lucky bamboo plants are said to bring good luck and fortune, especially if the plants are received as gifts! Lucky bamboo prefers some light but will gladly thrive in nearly full-shade locations. Just make sure they aren't located near drafty areas in your home. Keep them away from pets because they do have toxic properties. 

  1. Spider Plant

The spider plant is one of the most adaptable and easy-to-grow houseplants. Spider plants can be grown as hanging or trailing plants in baskets or pots. They will survive for a long time in less-than-ideal light conditions, including artificial light. Make sure to water regularly to prevent the soil from drying out. 

For more information, check out Why Do Plants Burn and a place in the sun acclimating houseplants to sunlight

houseplant for low light

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