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10 Houseplant Paradises You Should Follow On Instagram

January 06, 2023 2 min read

houseplant paradise

10 Houseplant Paradises You Should Follow On Instagram

Houseplant Instagrams You Should Follow

Instagram Houseplant Paradises   

You’re scrolling through your Instagram when you realize there is a lack of Houseplant-related accounts that you follow, or maybe you find that there aren't enough of them but you don’t want to go search for accounts because there’s bound to be so many. Never fear! Here are 10 Houseplant Paradises that you should follow on Instagram! 

houseplant instagram


The account run by hellomissmay is full of anything and everything that you’d want on your Instagram feed, from quotes about plants for plant lovers to aesthetically pleasing photos of houseplants! 


This particular account is run by a plant lover in Sweden! There is everything from recommendations of accounts to follow to inspiring photos that may help you decide where to put a new leafy friend!


From DIYs to plant care tips, this account is a must for being on your Instagram feed! Nkhensani is an indoor plant stylist ( as well as a Reiki Healer if that is something you are interested in) who shares anything and everything about houseplants and plant care! 


Phoebe Cheong who is behind the account posts things like plants, cats and home design so if you want to see things on your feed besides just plants this is the perfect account for you to follow! 


Described in her bio as an “aesthetically pleasing plant hoarding artist/ plant nerd” there are posts upon posts of plant tips and tricks, aesthetically pleasing photos and reels and much more. 


Ran by two best friends who love plants Alicia and Nige are the perfect new addition to your feed! As well as posting plants there are often little stories to be found on their page. 


Now perhaps you don’t want more plants but rather itemsfor your plants, aloepaintedpotsnmore is the account for you! With hand-painted pots, wall hangings and more there won’t be a shortage of ideas about what to buy for your plants. 


Similarly, M&M Flowerpots has photos of various Hand-Painted Pots! 


thegirlbehindtheplants is more for an adventurous indoor gardener. She shows off things like orchids and rarer species like amorphophallus atroviridis, episcia and others like it. 

And, of course, yours truly 


Besides being the official home of the crazy keiki paste, We love sharing pictures that inspire us, plant tips and tricks, and all things plants! 

instagram houseplant paradise

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