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Best Ways to Display Air Plans in 10 Minutes or Less

May 16, 2019 2 min read

Easy and cheap DIY Air Plant Displays

1. Minimalist river rock and wire decor

air plant wire decor

Grab some thicker gauge wire from the hardware store and carefully wrap around a stone. Leave a little bit extra to hold your air plant up. This works perfectly for displaying groups of air plants like above or showcasing a special air plant in a tiny nook.

2. Wine cork fridge magnets

air plant fridge magnet

Combine two passions in one with these cool fridge magnets. It’s easy to affix the magnet and air plant at the cork with glue and watering is a breeze. Simply grab the whole magnet, dunk in the water and place back on the fridge for quick air dry.

3. Old Frame recycled into new Air Plant display

air plant - old frame

Take an old frame and punch out the glass and backing. Then use some nails and string to string web and add air plants.

4. Air Plant mobile with seashells

air plant - sea shells

Create an air plant mobile using wire, fishing line, seashells, and hot glue. Simply attach fishing line to seashells with a little hot glue. Add air plants and attach fishing line to a circle made of wire. To water, mist with a spray bottle or dunk the whole mobile in a bucket of water weekly.

5. Add air plants to crystals and geodes

air plant - crystals ans geodes

Use a geode or crystal to display your air plants and draw attention to two natural wonders.

6. Sea Urchins as air plant holders.

air plant - sea urchin holder

Sea urchin shells come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and are perfectly sized to hold air plants.

7. Candle holder air plant display

air plant - candle holder

Bring your gorgeous candle holders out of storage to display your air plant collection or pick up glass and crystal candle holders from a thrift store.

8. Bring the beach inside with driftwood air plant display

air plant - drift wood

Display an interesting stick or piece of driftwood with colorful air plants. Choose a gnarly piece of wood with lots of pockets to sit air plants in and enjoy!

9. Use mason jars to showcase your air plant collection

air plant - mason jar

Grab a couple of mason jars in various sizes and plunk an air plant inside each for a mini and minimal terrarium. Feel free to add colorful sand or pebbles to the bottom. Just remember, the glass container will create a mini greenhouse for your plant and you’ll discover the air plant may need more or less frequent watering then it would out in the open.

10. Suction cup air plant holder

air plant - suction cup

Buy a suction cup with loop for a quick and easy air plant holder. Simply clean and dry the surface attached the suction cup and pop in your favorite air plant.

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